Our work in Uganda stretches across the whole country. Medical Clinics are held as far East as Jinja, till all the way South West in Kisoro, which is on the border of the Congo and Rwanda. Along the way we are busy building a permanent clinic in a village near Kamwenge. We have trustworthy local partners / pastors who have been walking the path with us for many years. All work is done alongside the ministering of the Gospel and conferences where we train pastors.
Zimbabwe went from being the ‘Bread Basket of Africa’, to a country in dire need of humanitarian help. Key partners run beautiful ministries that cater to these needs and we are priveleged to be part of this work. One of the many highlites come from a literal rubbish dump called Ngozi Mine. It is here where a church has been planted and where a creche and school have sprung up because of this. We assist in many self sucstainability projects, hold pastor conferences, run soccer tournaments and train leaders. Our work is focussed around Harare, Bulawayo, Mount Darwin and Victoria Falls.
South Africa
Our work in South Africa consistes of supporting a discipleship ministry called Africa 4 Jesus on a farm near a place called Kimberley. This small ministry trains pastors, runs GAP year programs, does drug rehabilitation and works extensively in the mission field, sending out many of their graduated students. Call 2 Africa teaches at the school annually in their winter, and then also teaches at the annual Pastors School every November. From South Africa, teams cross over into Lesotho and do work in the Mountain Kingdom at the Africa 4 Jesus Base. The base is located in a very rural place called Malealea. Outreaches are then initiated from here to an even more rural village high in the mountains that can only be accessed by foot, called Hajobo.